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Remote Pumping Control System For Cocacola Fresh Water Supply


The project involved the supply and commissioning of a remote pumping control system. The system is used to control 2 fresh water pumps that are situated at a river pump house, 3km away from the factory site where the storage tanks are located.

Client: Mt. Kenya Bottlers

Status: Completed



  • Supply of intelligent Programmable Logic Controllers with local text display
  • Supply of PLC compliant GSM enabled modem system
  • Supply of accessories including relays and wiring termination to the existing pumping system
  • Supply of Panel Enclosures wired with the above components
  • Supply of Level measuring system for fresh water bulk tank

System Development and programming

Programming of system to achieve

  • Remote control of pumping using two PLC’s communicating via SMS
  • Local Pump scheduling system
  • Status updates from pump house via SMS (pump trips, overloads etc)
  • Installation and commissioning

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