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CRONE-TECH LIMITED delivers automation solutions that will optimize the performance of your plant and manufacturing processes.

Using a wide range of programmable logic controllers, high precision sensor systems, energy efficient actuator systems, open bus systems and visualizations devices, we will transform your plant operation from the old manual systems to a fully automated plant that will deliver more value for your investment.

Our automation solutions are targeted towards ensuring your product quality is maintained consistently. We will maximize on the throughput of your plant by eliminating the slow manual/semi-automatic processes while delivering cost savings through lower machine manning levels and more accurate monitoring and control of your product waste. All our solutions conform to high levels of safety standards.

By replacing electromechanically control systems we offer you PLC based solutions that are easy to troubleshoot and have lower failure rates compared to old relay logic system. We will deliver full support and spares for all plants commissioned via our engineers at our current offices in Nairobi.

Our solutions can be delivered as turnkey projects or as modifications to existing system while providing integration with the current automation systems.

We supply and install both PLC and micro-controller based process control systems for the following areas

• Level measurement and control.

• Temperature measurement and control.

• Pressure measurement and control.

• Pumping control systems

• Overall process control.

Our automation systems are based on the Siemens step 7 and Unitronics controllers.